UCI Zoom accounts are available for all current students, staff, and faculty to support remote teaching, learning, and working at UCI.

Get Started

Quick start guide for UCI Zoom

Everything you need to know to start using Zoom today.

Download the desktop Zoom app

Zoom's desktop application often provides a more reliable experience than the web browser interface.


Alternative and co-hosts

An alternative host can start a meeting and run it whether or not the original host is present. A co-host can help manage a meeting, but the host must be present at the start.

Breakout rooms

Meeting hosts can split their participants into breakout rooms in order to divide a larger group of attendees into sub-groups that can converse with one another.

HIPAA-compatible option

If you plan to use Zoom for any interactions/information covered under HIPAA, then you may need a HIPAA-compatible account.


Meeting hosts can run polls for their attendees through Zoom's built-in polling tool.

Record meetings

Zoom meetings can be automatically or manually recorded.


Zoom can provide post-meeting reports for things like attendance tracking.

Transcripts and captions

Learn about the different ways to transcribe or add captions to your Zoom meetings.

Webinars and large meetings

If you need to host a webinar or large meeting, there are account upgrades available.

Whiteboard and annotation

Meeting attendees and hosts can collaborate through a virtual whiteboard as well as annotation tools.

Important Resources

Canvas integration

The UCI Canvas integration with Zoom can make it easier for students to see and access your meetings by displaying them within Canvas.


Ensure that your Zoom meetings are accessible to all your attendees.

Zoom privacy & security

Learn about applicable campus privacy policies, as well as how to set up Zoom to make it more secure and prevent "Zoombombing."